Aspire Vilter Pro Kit Space Gold & Hunter Green

A depiction of an elegant fusion of metal and leather without excessive decoration, the simplicity of its ergonomic shape, makes it an everyday accessory, comfort and style come together hand in hand. Your style of vape.

The 1600 mAh plus an additional 420 mAh battery capacity gives you up to 5 days of uninterrupted vaping. A perfect companion for a long trip.

Multi charging allows you to charge your vape and power bank at the same time,
dramatically simplifying your style of vape.

Aspire’s legendary coil technology inside, incredible pure flavor perfect throat-hit, exceptional durability as always.

Features 2A Type-C charging, Vilter Pro power bank can be fully charged in a lunchtime break, so you can charge your device when and wherever you need.

Its special magnetic wireless charging function provides a new way to charge the device. Simple and hassle-free.

We add a touch of style to a simple battery indicator.

Green Light: 3.8—4.2V ( 60—100% )

Blue Light: 3.5—3.8V ( 30—60% )

Red Light: 3.5V ( 0-30% )